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PermaTrans Classic Transfer Paper

PermaTrans offers a line of classic transfer papers with features and capabilities to fit your unique needs! Heat transfer paper creates superior, vibrant quality designs and images on garments. Biz Supplies offers iron-on thermal transfer paper, which is a commercial grade and wash-durable material. Our iron-on heat transfer paper is lightweight and is superior when compared to heat transfer paper you can find at local stationery stores. 

Whether being transferred onto light or dark-colored materials, our iron-on heat transfer paper creates crisp colored designs and is wash-durable. Our iron-on thermal transfer paper is easy to use, cost-efficient, and has minimal drying time, ensuring your products are ready quickly. The speed of thermal sublimation speeds combined with the material versatility makes these perfect for personal and professional use. Iron-on heat transfer paper utilizes lightweight, tightly-woven garments, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillowcases, and more to create brightly colored and long-lasting designs.

Biz Supplies’ range of iron-on heat transfer paper is resilient and can resist offsetting and color misdirection whilst maintaining dimensional stability. Contact us today to inquire about how you can get superior results with our superior iron-on heat transfer paper.

Inkjet Light Fabric Transfer Product
Codes: S421

Top-performance light fabric transfers, S520 and S421 produce fantastic color brilliancy and have a long term wash durability. Both grades are designed with an incredibly soft-to-the-touch finish.

Inkjet Dark Fabric Transfer
Codes: S415

This versatile and easy to use product is applicable to any color fabric substrate. As a dark fabric transfer, R1654 retains perfect opacity and delivers high quality color density. Its thin transfer layer provides a soft feel once applied to garments

Laser Light Fabric Transfer
Codes: S920

This laser-receptive image transfer paper is extremely popular with our commercial and wholesale markets – making heat transfer media more accessible to organizations such as schools, youth clubs, and religious communities. Similar to S520 and S421, S920 has a fantastic softness and delivers an impressively brilliant image transfer.

Laser Dark Fabric Transfer
Codes: S1581

Developed for compatibility with laser printers, R1581 has impressive image capabilities and long-lasting wash durability. Laser transfers are fantastic for mass-production or in use in large group settings. 

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