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Perma Trans Inkjet Darkwear Ink-Jet Heat Transfer Paper for Cotton Shirts (CODE: S415DFT)

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One of the best quality cotton transfer paper on the market. Paper Made-In-USA at high standard for Australia Market.

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All Paper available from NuCoat - Perma Trans serials:

Product Name Product Type Item# Description
Perma Trans

Sof-T white

for Inkjet Printer


• Soft hand – no polymer outline on white and most pastel colored garments.
• Brightest image of any soft-hand transfer before and after washing, 
• Versatile – Great results on spandex, lycra and other stretchy materials, 
   as well as on 100% cotton and cotton/poly blends.
• Recommended for hand iron and heat press.
• Can be hot, warm or cold peeled. (for best wash result hot peel is recommended.)

Perma Trans
Inkjet Dark

Dark black

for Inkjet Printer


• Transfer for black- and dark-colored fabrics.
• Excellent print quality and color definition. 
• Bright, vibrant image before and after washing. 
• Quick Dry Time. 
• Easy Release. 
• Recommended for both hand ironing or heat pressing
• Affordable Quality

Perma Trans
Laser Sof-T

Light Sof-T
for Laser Printer



• Works in CLC copiers and printers that do not use fuser oil, as well as those that use fuser oil. 
• Designed to produce a soft hand, with no polymer darkening around the image, even on light pastels! 
• Can be fed from the cassette drawer, for customers printing high volume. 
• Excellent print quality and brightness both before and after washing. 
• Soft image that does not crack, even after multiple washes.

Perma Trans
Laser Dark

Laser Dark
for Laser Printer



• Works in CLC copiers and printers that do not use fuser oil, as well as those that use fuser oil. 
• Excellent print quality and opacity. 
• Softer hand than other Laser Opaques. 
• Peels well for easy application.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Download Link

Instruction for Ink-Jet Dark Paper: S415DFT Blue Line Paper

Instruction for Laser Dark Paper: R1581 Red Line Paper

Instruction for Ink-Jet Light Paper: S520 Yellow Line

Instruction for Laser Light Paper: S920 Brown


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