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Clamshell Flat Heat Press 40cm x 50cm

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High pressure HEAT Press 40x50cm large machine Double aluminium heating plate


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  1. Double aluminum heating plate make the machine much stronger. The heating plate is the core component of heat press, once it bends, the machine is over. Our heat press use double aluminum heating plate so you get stronger plate and the machine last much longer than others.
  2. High open angle. This makes your working space larger and less hand-burned. Full open width is over 35cm in the front while some cheap heat presses only 28cm or less. This is very importing feature when you select a chamshell heat press.
  3. High pressure let you do a better t-shirt heat transfer. This heat press is specially designed to give higher pressure for heat transfering onto t-shirts. Don't buy the cheap heat press because they are most likely not a high pressure flat press. Please refer to the photo demo to check if a press is high pressure or not.
  4. Even pressure and heating. This heat press designed for evenly applied the pressure for the whole heating area. Some cheap chamshell heat presses' closing angle is large which results higher pressure on the back end and lower on the front. This heat press has a very small angle when it is closing to apply the most even pressure possible. Even heating is benifited from our double aluminum plate from point 1 above. That's our guarantee.
  5. Fast Heating up: For large heat press, heating up time is very important because you don't want to wait 10 minutes or more before you can do anything. 
  6. Teflon sheet and manul is inclued. Extra value added for you.



  • Heat plate size: 40cm X 50cm
  • Timer: choose from second, minute and hour
  • Timer Range: 1-99 seconds or minutes or hours
  • Timer auto start feature when you press the plate down
  • Temperature: 0°C - 399°C
  • Power: 240V, 3600W, 50Hz, 1.6A
  • Weight: 40kg


  1. 1 x Heat Press Machine 40x60cm.

  2. Teflon Coated

  3. 1 x Power cable attached.

  4. 1 x User Manual.

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Additional Info

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